Befood was created to offer quality products – uncompromising quality – in each detail and aspect of pet food, even details that might seem insignificant. We carefully watch over these details because, as we see it, they are what makes the difference. Our production of dry pet food is only a means for reaching our true long-term objective: “Provide wellbeing for dogs and cats”. The word “Be” in Befood stands for “being”, but also for “existing” in substance and in truth. This stands for a world of values which represents our philosophy: Respect and Love for Animals, for their Dignity, for the Environment and Nature, for Mankind and the Community. We pick and choose our raw materials suppliers with great care. They must respect the highest possible levels of quality. Our technical staff personally conducts 75 control procedures during the production process - from the time the raw materials arrive, all the way to the end product we sell. Our in-house lab is equipped with the finest analysis and control instruments available today. Our Formula Division, which works with and gets updates from the most prestigious English and American universities, is at complete disposal of our clients to develop formulas and nutritional systems on request and to meet any special need.

Innovative odour reduction system (APP Norway)

Some 25% of the energy used by Befood comes from renewable sources (the sun)

No experimentation on animals www.oipa.org

Befood is certified according to ISO 9001

Product NO OGM certified DNV

Befood is a member of ASSALCO
the Italian Association of Pet-Food and Pet-Care Industries