From nature we receive and back to nature we give.
A heartfelt choice we apply to all our products to ensure they are fresh and wholesome: from the selection of the raw materials to how we process them and ensure there are no chemical additives of any sort. Our pet food is preserved thanks to the synergic action of the natural antioxidants that prevent fats from becoming rancid and allow the food to retain its organoleptic qualities. The product remains tasty because the raw ingredients are by their very nature healthy and pleasing to dogs and cats. We support the concept of verticality and strongly believe our area is the best source of the raw materials we use, for the vicinity to the plant, limiting pollution and safeguarding our heritage. We also take great care in giving back to Nature what she has given us by reducing our environmental impact to a minimum, limiting pollution and the use of energy sources, and by optimizing production processes. Our commitment is to renovate our fruitful and reciprocal relationship with Nature and her resources every single day.

Innovative odour reduction system (APP Norway)

Some 25% of the energy used by Befood comes from renewable sources (the sun)

No experimentation on animals

Befood is certified according to ISO 9001

Product NO OGM certified DNV

Befood is a member of ASSALCO
the Italian Association of Pet-Food and Pet-Care Industries